Treasure Within Session Descriptions

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Session Descriptions: 

Blending In or Standing Out!
Speaker: Laurie Jeron

Women are the jewels in the crown of creation, by seeing yourself as a treasure of God your self-esteem and confidence will soar. There is only one you so take time to get to know yourself. You weren’t born to blend in so start sharing your beauty with the world by Standing Out.

Color Your World Beautiful
Speaker: Charlyn Thomasson

The colors you wear are not only seen but are felt. Discover how color affects your mood and the emotional responses of those in your sphere of influence. Gain great tips for your spring wardrobe!

I Want to Love the Shape and Size that I Am!
Speaker: Lynnae Bussell

Would you love to know how to dress your body type so you can look beautiful in any style? Lynnae will explain each body type and give you some great tips to help you hide the areas that bug you and enhance the ones you LOVE!!! Want to know how to accessorize for your body type? Are you a Rock Star, Movie Star, or Glamour Girl? You’ll find out in this session.

Wholistic Emotional Healing
Speaker:Joyce Harrell

In this session with Joyce, you will learn how to rid yourself of emotional baggage by eliminating false belief systems and utilizing natural solutions from God’s storehouse.

This is YOUR time to SHINE!
Speaker: Casey Sollock

You will learn how to improve your health and happiness in 5 simple steps.  This is not about health for health’s sake.  This is about health for life purpose.  You cannot live your purpose with passion and energy without your health.  God needs you happy, healthy, and whole so you can change the world.  Join us to reclaim your health so you can rock your radiance!

The World’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets
Speaker: Laurie Jeron

Learn the world’s best-kept beauty secrets direct from God’s word to your heart. You will learn the three keys to unpacking your self-esteem by recognizing that true beauty flourishes from your inner spirit and that God makes all things beautiful in his time. That includes YOU!

Look and Feel Your Best
Panel Discussion/Fashion and Beauty Q&A)

Is your passion reflected in your personal style? Do you want to learn how to shop on a budget? Do you have questions about what makeup to wear? How you can green your beauty routine? Our expert panel will answer your questions.

(Self Esteem Panel Discussion)

No matter who you are, we all experience things that affect our self esteem. Whether you have been bullied, physically, emotionally, or sexually abused, dealt with an illness, divorce or major life event it all affects who you are and how you see yourself. Our expert panel will share what they have learned as they have walked through their life experiences and how you too can unlock the Treasure Within you. We all should be able to look in the mirror, smile and say “I Love You”. You can submit questions for the panel to answer.