Speaking Topics

With over 20 years experience as a teacher, trainer and communicator, Laurie Jeron is a motivational and inspirational speaker who shares from her own life experiences to help others know they are not alone in their life journeys. She can speak to difficult situations because she has faced them and with God’s help has persevered. Every adversity is an opportunity for God to show himself real in our lives and to help us grow into the person He created us to be. When you meet Laurie for the first time you quickly see her encouraging heart and gentle spirit. Real, genuine and transparent are just some of the words that others have used to describe her speaking style. Her dynamite fun personality shines through as well as her caring heart. Laurie is passionate about helping others to know that their value and worth come from their relationship with God and Jesus. She encourages, inspires, challenges and empowers everyone she meets to become all that God created them to be. Don’t ever settle for less. Laurie speaks on a variety of topics that are relevant to today’s women. Messages are available as single presentations; some are multiple presentations for weekend conferences and can also be combined with a full concert of Christian and Inspirational Music to fit your event. Some of her most popular messages include:  

Take a Step of Faith

Laurie shares how she stepped away from a corporate job in 2000 in response to the call of God on her life. Honest and transparent about the struggles and also the growth that comes with trusting God by putting everything on the line to walk with him. Ultimately she will encourage you to examine your life to see if God is calling you to take your own step of faith so that He can lead you to your own Promise Land. Laurie will share a song she wrote by the same title that audiences just love to sing along with. (Single Session or Weekend Retreat)  

The Treasure Within

No matter what age, shape, size or color, we all struggle with our self-esteem at some point. For most of us it is a daily struggle. Laurie will share how she has faced life’s battles and learned how to have a great self-image in spite of illness, being overweight and more. She will show you that you are jewel of creation and that God has created you as His special treasure and masterpiece. Laurie will share with you the World’s Best Kept Beauty secrets as defined by God’s word and show you that True Beauty begins on the inside.  (Single Session, Weekend Retreat with Laurie)

Start Strong…

How many of us start something new with excitement and enthusiasm only to lose steam quickly and give up? That is because the formula is incomplete. Laurie will show you how she has persevered through difficult situations and continued to run, walk and sometimes even crawl on the path that God laid before her. She will share the complete formula for success to keep running the race. With an emphasis on Romans chapters 5, 8 and other scriptures, she will encourage your heart, soul and spirit and show you that the ultimate victory will come when we cross the finish line and run into the waiting arms of God.  

Can you hear me now?

Hearing God’s voice above the world’s noise!

  With all the distractions grabbing for our time from family, work, social media and more, it is easy to stop listening for the voice of God, but He is still speaking. Laurie will show you ways to recognize God’s voice and how to remain focused on the source of all life and joy so that you can rise above the world’s noise to have a VICTORIOUS life of Freedom.  

The Dream Inside of You

God has planted many dream seeds in the fertile soil of your heart but sometimes life keeps us from realizing them. We get caught up in the everyday of living and somehow forget that God planned great things for us. Laurie will share her own personal story of the dreams that God planted in her heart over 20 years ago. Each and every day she is still moving toward the total fulfillment of what God spoke to her heart and she will tell you how you can do the same. God didn’t mean for you to sit on the sidelines but he wants you to be a participant in your own life and he wants that life to be Abundant and Fulfilling. Whether you have a dream that needs to get off the ground, or you have stalled and need a jump-start you will find practical advice that you can put into practice to start living the Dream Inside of You. Laurie will encourage you to Rely on God’s promises and claim them for your own. She will even share a song she wrote of the same title.  

Laurie is also available for Vocal/Performance Workshops and Worship Workshops

Christmas Messages and Concerts include:

With God All Things are Possible

I am a New Creation

The Stories Behind the Music of Christmas