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  Today’s guest post is by Charlyn Thomasson.  Charlyn is an Image Consultant and Life Purpose Coach.  She is the founder of The True You.  Her faith is her first priority.  Her husband of over 30 years, two grown sons, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter hold the next place in her heart. Charlyn has combined her experiences of teaching school, coaching church ministry teams, coaching individuals, sewing for the public, and creating wardrobes in order to build her image consulting business.  Her ability to gently encourage, her eye for color and style, her creativity, and her organization skills are what she brings to the image consulting business. Charlyn is certified by AWIS Beauty School, a member of Image Innovators and the Association of Image Consultants International. She is available for one on one consultation, workshops, and business presentations.  Her services include personal color and style consultations, wardrobe organization, and personal shopping.  Her consultations also include personal makeup, skincare, and hairstyle advice. Charlyn’s passion is to inspire her clients to discover and confidently live their unique God-given purpose, assuring them of making an eternal impact.  You can find Charlyn at www.thetrueyou.net.   I sat reviewing my lesson plans for my young students.  I was a single, inexperienced, and a full of possibilities first year schoolteacher.  As I pondered what might take place on this particular day, Roxanne burst through the door and ran towards my desk.   “Ms Hampton, loooook at my pink shoes!!!!” Roxanne screamed with excitement.  The small girl twirled and then jumped up and down.  “Oh and look at my pink dress!  Just look at my pink shoes, Mrs. Hampton! Do you see my pink and yellow ribbons in my hair?  Do you see them?”   “You look very pretty, Roxanne! Your dress is really cute…” I began to validate until this excited little girl interrupted.   “Did you seeeee my PINK SHOES?  Do you see them?!!!”  She continued to repeat as she jumped up and down.   “I live with Ms. Joan and Mr. Jake now.  I have my very own room with pink curtains and a pink bedspread too! Do you see my shoes!?   Look at my shoes!  Oh- and guess what? I went to church yesterday!  Mr. Jake read me a Bible story last night!  I ate pizza last night too!  Look at my shoes!  I really like my shoes.”  Roxanne could not stop.  The excitement poured from her little heart through continuous words.   By this time I began to see Roxanne and I had much in common.  I was sure she might have a shoe “issue” like me.   Before this particular day, Roxanne would come to school wearing dirty and ripped clothing.  Her hair would be matted and tangled.  Most days she would come to school hungry and fall asleep in class.  Joan and Jake were foster parents and had made Roxanne a part of their loving family.   I knew this moment in time with Roxanne was life changing.  I knew this moment was not about pizza, satin ribbons, a pretty dress, or pink curtains.  I knew deep within my heart the exuberance of this precious little girl was not only about pink shoes. Roxanne had experienced God’s powerful love lived out in Jake and Joanne.  She would never be the same.   Since that day in my classroom I have worn many different pairs of colored shoes on my journey of getting to know God. I also married the love of my life, raised a couple of great sons, gained a wonderful daughter-in-law, and have been blessed with a granddaughter.  My heart still pounds with excitement when I think about that special moment with Roxanne. I gained a greater understanding of God’s love from this experience.   Once we experience God’s powerful love deep within the core of our being we will never be the same. Who knows?  We might decide to wear some fun colored shoes on the journey.  We can be assured we can be all God created us to be because we are greatly valued by our Creator. PinkShoe Charlyn will be a keynote speaker at “The Treasure Within Conference” this Friday and Saturday April 12 & 13. She will present a keynote address “Color Your World Beautiful” on Friday at 11:30 A.M. EST. She will also be part of a Fashion/Beauty/Makeover Panel at 3:30 P.M. on Friday. There is an amazing lineup of speakers that will share over two days BEAUTY for your Body, Soul and Spirit. You will learn how to increase your self esteem by seeing yourself as a precious treasure of God’s creation, you will learn how to dress your body, how color can impact your wardrobe and your life, how to have emotional healing, learning about essential oils, feeding your body good health and fitness and so much more. The Event is for women and girls. I want you to be blessed and so you can attend the event LIVE for FREE. Yes you read that correctly- the event is FREE- that is my gift to you but you need to tune in while it is happening.  Like Randy Jackson says you have to be in it to win it, well you have to register to get the log in information. It only takes a few minutes and you will receive all the information to join us from your computer or telephone. So come on over to www.lauriejeron.com/thetreasurewithin Full session descriptions and information about the speakers is available and we invite you to come discover “The Treasure Within”. Why not invite a friend or two to join you?

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