Life Story

LaurieHeadshot2With a voice as smooth as silk, Laurie Jeron has been described as “a voice I could listen to all day”.  When she sings you see directly into the heart and soul of a blossoming artist who pursues excellence in her craft. Music is part of who Laurie is, part of her DNA.

For the last 20 years, she has shared her musical gifts in church and through her own ministry where she blends music and speaking to give her audience a unique authentic experience. Sharing stories from her own life, being open and transparent draws audiences with their hearts. Her first CD “Time’s Running Out” shows the cry of her heart to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ. You hear part of her story through the words of “Take a Step of Faith” as she stepped away from a job in the Corporate Section to pursue her own dreams.

Laurie is a certified Life Purpose Life Coach and self proclaimed optimist. She sees the  glass half full and encourages others to do the same. “I want to see people speak positively about themselves and those they come in contact with. There are too many negative forces at work in the world. We need to be a ray of faith, hope and love. As I travel around I am astounded by how many people are dealing with issues of poor self esteem. I am passionate about helping people find their true beauty from within. Each person has unique gifts and qualities that need to be shared with the world around them. No one else can be you. Discover who you are, embrace it and then share it. I want to help them discover their value and worth begins on the inside.”LJ_Cover1v2

Her latest CD release “So Many Stars” transcends the boundaries of genre as Laurie ventures into new musical territory. So Many Stars gets it foundation from the Great American Songbook and mixes Jazz, Pop, Gospel, R&B and Soul into a CD that pays tribute to some of the greatest singers and songwriters of our time. “These timeless songs are part of who I am. I grew up listening to them and discovered myself along the way. They have been my friends, speaking and encouraging me through the different moments of my life. That is what great songs do.”

“So Many Stars” blends old with new. From classic songs like Smile, What a Wonderful World, and My Funny Valentine to a Jazz remake of the Daughtry song “What About Now”, you will be treated to a variety of styles. This CD is about the beauty of the world, love, dreaming dreams and how music moves you from deep within your soul to invoke strong and powerful emotions. One of the most moving tracks on the CD for Laurie is “Everything Must Change”. “I first heard the song from a FB posting. The second time I heard it months later; it grabbed a hold of me and never let go. I listened to perhaps 20 versions of the song in one day. It touched me from deep within that I had tears streaming down my face. That is the kind of unique experience I want each listener to have.”

Passionate about life and living with purpose, Laurie encourages the listener to dream their dreams and fulfill the deepest longings in their heart.  “You are never too young or too old to pursue your dreams. Determine not to let anything or anyone stop you from being all you can be.” Laurie sends that message through her songwriting skills on the track “The Dream Inside of You” with the tag line if you dream it, believe it, become it, the dream inside of you. The album includes a new version of her earlier song “There You Are”, a song originally written as an anniversary present to her parents. “The reaction to this song was so positive that I went back and changed the lyrics slightly to reflect a relationship between two people. It could be for two best friends, a mother and daughter, father and son, the skies the limit. We all need someone to walk the journey of life with and it is so much easier with someone by our side.”

Laurie made her stage debut at the age of 5 and has been performing ever since. Laurie has performed throughout the tri-state region, the East Coast, California and Canada. Through the years she has shared the stage with Contemporary Christian Music’s 4HIM, Twila Paris, Steve Green, and Point of Grace, as well as Broadway’s James and Martin Van Treuren and trumpeter Jeff Kievet. She has led choirs, ensembles and children’s choirs through her work with Christian Concert Ministries, as well as supporting charities like Cystic Fibrosis and Aids Awareness. When she isn’t performing, she can be found sharing her love of music as she teaches piano, vocal performance and artist development to students of all ages.