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Today’s Guest Post is by Casey Sollock. Casey is the founder of www.SheShinesWellness.com She is a certified holistic health coach, wellness speaker and passionate smoothie sipper.  Her mission is to empower women everywhere to rise up and reclaim their health!  Casey’s philosophy is to add in the good stuff, which crowds out the bad.  She hates diets, calorie counting, and restriction.  She loves dark chocolate, leafy greens, essential oils, PLAYtime, and connecting mind/body/spirit for total wellness.  Casey shares the goodness of greens and the simplicity of smoothies with everyone she meets!  (Watch out…you’re next!)  Her degree is in psychology, and she’s a former personal trainer.  Her passion for holistic wellness is backed by schooling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Visit SheShinesWellness.com to pick up your free copy of “Eat Chocolate, Quit Exercising”, and you’ll receive the She Shines Signature Green Smoothie recipe.  Also, while you are at her website, click the link to become a FREE member of She Shines.  You’ll join women from around the nation who are reclaiming their health and rocking their radiance. Rainbowturtle My 4-year-old drew a super cute picture of a green turtle and a rainbow.  The green turtle was awesome.  The rainbow was a little different.  She showed me her picture and was disappointed in her rainbow.  She was unhappy that her rainbow didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to.  She was focused on what didn’t turn out well, instead of what did…her super adorable turtle!  I praised her for her effort and told her how much I loved the picture.  But, because she was focused on the wrong thing, she was still sad, no matter how much I told her I loved her drawing.   Sometimes we all feel down in the mouth.  We feel like nothing is going our way.  Life is conspiring against us.  There’s never enough money.  Never enough time.  And, sometimes, no matter how much effort we put into something, it doesn’t turn out exactly as we planned.  Right?  And, one negative feeling leads to another, and it becomes a downward spiral of, “Poor me!”   Here’s how to get happy in an instant.  Focus.  It’s all about focus.  What you are choosing to focus on is what causes your mood (now, there are other things, too, that contribute to how you’re feeling…like the food you’re choosing to put in your body, the stress-reduction techniques you have in place, and more).  But, where you place your focus has a huge impact on your overall happiness.  Next time you’re in a bad mood, analyze your situation.  Ask yourself what you’re focusing on.  There’s always a blessing in the middle of a problem.   REAL-LIFE CHANCES FOR HAPPINESS   Are you upset because someone made a rude remark about you?  Did someone cut you off in traffic?  Did your husband forget to pick up the bread on the way home from work? In each of those instances, if you focus on the rude remark, the traffic situation, or the fact that now you’ll have no bread to make the kids’ sandwiches for lunch, sure, you’re going to feel a rise in blood pressure.   However, and listen to me on this for a second (even though it may be hard), there’s always a positive that you can choose to focus on in each situation instead of the negative.  For instance, instead of focusing on the rude remark, focus on all of the other positive and encouraging remarks you hear from other people.  Also, focus on how you can love and encourage the rude-remark maker because he probably needs some love!   Instead of focusing on the bad driver who cut you off in traffic, focus on the fact that you are blessed to have a car, and that you are safe and sound, even though you got cut off.  And, again, focus on how you can love that bad driver because they are probably having a tough day!  Send good vibes his way!   And, let’s talk about hubby for a second.  Sure, maybe he forgot to bring the bread home, but instead of focusing on that, be thankful that he was at work all day, bringing home the bacon!  Love him for that and focus on his good qualities instead of being on his case all the time.  Give him a hug and a kiss, and tell him that you appreciate him.     YOU Finally, we have to talk about YOU.  What do you focus on about yourself?  Are you constantly comparing yourself to others…and always feeling like you don’t measure up?  Do you always have a negative dialogue going on in your head?  Do you look in the mirror and immediately start picking yourself apart, rather than finding the things you LOVE about yourself?  If you said ‘yes’ to any of that, how do you think God feels as you berate His creation (YOU!)?  It’s impossible to step into the remarkable life God has planned for you if your mindset is negative and sour.  And, it’s impossible to make the impact on this world that you are here to make if you don’t start with loving yourself first.  So, find those things that are special and unique about YOU and place your attention there.  Find something you like about yourself when you look in the mirror, and focus on that.  If there are things that you’d like to change, you can take action in that direction…but, negative self-talk will only hinder your progress.     TRAIN YOUR BRAIN   Your happiness level will be instantly raised when you begin to train your mind to focus on the good, instead of the bad.  And, yes, this does require training because it’s so easy to fall into the trap of negativity.  And, if you’ve been in a negative rut for a long time, your brain has to create new pathways to replace the rut.  How do you train your brain to find the positive?  It’s simple.  Interrupt the negative pattern.  Next time you’re feeling unhappy or angry about something, take a break.  Take a breath.  Analyze the situation and ask yourself what you’re focusing on. Then, gently remind yourself to find the positive in the situation. The world needs happier people, and that starts with you!  Remember, every situation you face has a chance for happiness within it…you just have to choose to find it.   Casey will be a keynote speaker at “The Treasure Within Conference” this Friday and Saturday April 12 & 13. She will present a keynote address “This Is Your Time To Shine” on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. EST. There is an amazing lineup of speakers that will share over two days BEAUTY for your Body, Soul and Spirit. You will learn how to increase your self esteem by seeing yourself as a precious treasure of God’s creation, you will learn how to dress your body, how color can impact your wardrobe and your life, how to have emotional healing, learning about essential oils, feeding your body good health and fitness and so much more. The Event is for women and girls. I want you to be blessed and so you can attend the event LIVE for FREE. Yes you read that correctly- the event is FREE- that is my gift to you but you need to tune in while it is happening.  Like Randy Jackson says you have to be in it to win it, well you have to register to get the log in information. It only takes a few minutes and you will receive all the information to join us from your computer or telephone. So come on over to www.lauriejeron.com/thetreasurewithin Full session descriptions and information about the speakers is available and we invite you to come discover “The Treasure Within”. Why not invite a friend or two to join you?

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