Beauty For Your Soul and Spirit

I am so pleased that my new site is launching. I have had you the reader in mind as I prayed, planned and prepared. The site will include different sections that will address different needs in our lives. Beauty for the Soul and Spirit will deal with the internal work. The things that are changing from the inside out like the gentleness of your spirit, the quality of your heart, your self-esteem, confidence, finding your value and worth in God’s eyes so that you can look in the mirror and say “I Love You” and mean it.

You are created in the image of GOD and you are VERY GOOD. He said it and you can take him at his word. His word is filled with many promises and you can claim them as your own. I pray that as we journey together we can allow God to show us who he created us to be and that we can shine out the love in our hearts to all those we meet. Come along on the journey, it will be filled with discovery and adventure. Will you come along? Have a blessed and beautiful day.

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