Discover the Treasure Within

Discover The Treasure Within
Discover The Treasure Within
Isaiah 45:3 says I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, The God of Israel, who summons you by name.   These words are as true today as the day they were spoken through the prophet Isaiah to the people of Israel. God has placed within each person many hidden treasures and gifts that are to be discovered. Some will come up to the surface very quickly and then others will take a lot of work to uncover and discover. It is like excavating for buried treasure, you never know what you will uncover or when but you can trust it will be at just the right time. As my blog and website are launching it is my deepest desire to encourage you to search deep within yourself to uncover the precious riches that God placed within you at the foundations of the world. You see God had your life planned before he created anything in the world. He knew exactly what you would look like, the personality characteristics, the gifts and talents you would possess, he knew the things that would hold importance in your life, what you would value and what you would be passionate about.   As you journey him with him, you can discover all the hidden treasures that he hid in the secret places of your heart and soul. I will be featuring a guest post the rest of this week from several friends who will be joining me as keynote speakers at “The Treasure Within Conference” this Friday and Saturday April 12 & 13. The speaker lineup includes Charylyn Thomasson, Casey Sollock, Joyce Harrell, Lynnae Bussell, Dana Arcuri, Kelly Thorne Gore, Amanda Taylor, Lori Burrell and Kathy Lebron. The conference will be online so you can join us from your computer and or your telephone. The best part is that as my gift to you, the event is FREE to attend LIVE while it is happening. You can enjoy two days of Beauty for the Body, Soul and Spirit. Join us for 1 session, all 8 or somewhere in between. All the session descriptions and speaker bios are available on my website. You do need to register so why not go over right now and sign up so you can receive all the information and program booklet Could I also ask you to pray about who you could invite to join you as together we discover “The Treasure Within”?

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